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31 French People To Be Thankful For

They're not all racist quitters! Here are some real, live, vaguely admirable Frenchies to raise your rosé to. Happy Bastille Day, everyone!

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  • 1. Sophie Marceau

    Also known as the princess from Braveheart.

  • 2. Andre The Giant

    Anybody want a peanut?

  • 3. Marion Cotillard

    Thank you life! Thank you love!

  • 4. Vincent Cassel

    Frankly, he doesn't need you to like him, he's married to Monica Belluci.

  • 5. Eva Green

    "The bitch is dead."

  • 6. Surya Bonaly

    The backflip: never forget.

  • 7. Christian Audigier

    Making It Easier For You To Spot D-Bags, Since 1958

  • 8. Catherine Deneuve


  • 9. Yoann Gourcuff


  • 10. Carla Bruni

    (Technically Italian, but whatever, she's the First Lady.)

  • 11. Jean-Georges Vongerichten

    As seen on Top Chef.

  • 12. Audrey Tatou

    Meme les artichauds ont du coeur!

  • 13. Michael Vartan

    French born! Who knew?

  • 14. Vanessa Paradis

    Also known as Mrs. Johnny Depp.

  • 15. Daniel Boulud

    As seen on Top Chef.

  • 16. Thomas Mars

    Sofia Coppola is a lucky lady.

  • 17. Julie Delpy

    Have you watched this movie yet? You should.

  • 18. Tony Parker

    Basketball! America!

  • 19. Clemence Poesy

    (Fleur Delacoeur!)

  • 20. Eric Ripert

    As seen on Top Chef.

  • 21. Charlotte Gainsbourg

    So cool it hurts.

  • 22. Thierry Henry

    Unless you're from Ireland.

  • 23. Gerard Depardieu

    Do you remember how boring Jean De Florette was in French class? What in CHRIST were they talking about?

  • 24. Olivier Martinez

    Un. Faithful.

  • 25. Jean-Paul Belmondo

    (Still alive! Though far too tan these days.)

  • 26. Noemie Lenoir

    There is a surprising dearth of French supermodels.

  • 27. Joel Robuchon

    As seen on Top Chef.

  • 28. Juliette Binoche

    I don't have anything snippy to say about her, she's sort of the best.

  • 29. Zinedine Zidane

    The 2010 French team never really had a chance, I guess.

  • 30. Capucine

    Amelie Jr for President!

  • 31. Mélanie Laurent

    This gross oversight was corrected by thetalkinghead.