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22 Pets Dressed For Fall

It's (basically) officially Fall! Do you have your Look ready? If not, please take some notes from these very on-trend animals.

  • The Leather Jacket:

    Tough and t-i-m-e-l-e-s-s. (Image from via Animals In Outfits)

  • The Pea Coat:

    Military-inspired looks are back for Fall. (Image via)

  • The Trench Coat:

    A great transitional piece, perfect for layering. (Image via)

  • Plaid:

    With a nod to the Menswear trend. (Image via)

  • Brawny chic. (Image via)

  • Full skirts are also very in this season. (Image via)

  • Boots:

    Wellies abound. (Image via)

  • (Image via)

  • Note: Uggs are only permissible when you are this cute. (Image via)

  • Menswear:

    Argyle! (Image from via Animals In Outfits)

  • Annie Hall! (Image via)

  • (Image via)

  • Chunky knit sweaters:

    Sweater weather! Around the corner! (Image via)

  • (Image via)

  • (Image from via Animals In Outfits)

  • (Image via)

  • Animal prints:

    (Mixing prints is also very big, so this would work on an actual leopard.) (Image via)

  • Knitwear accessories:

    Paired with Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Image via)

  • (Image via)

  • (Image via)

  • The Mini-Backpack:

    Clueless returns! (Image via)

  • Halloween Whimsy:

    (Image via)

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