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12 Famous 'General Hospital' Alums

James Franco is going to do a two-month stint on General Hospital, which is puzzling, sure, but he's not the first celeb to hit Port Charles. Some of these people even starred after they were "famous," just like Jimmy. Educate yourselves.

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  • 1. Demi Moore

    as Jackie Templeton, 1982-1983

  • 2. John Stamos

    as Blackie Parrish, 1982-1984

  • 3. Elizabeth Taylor

    as Helena Cassadine, 1981

  • 4. Ricky Martin

    as Miguel Morez, 1994-1996

  • 5. Sammy Davis Jr.

    as Eddie Phillips, 1983

  • 6. Amber Tamblyn

    as Emily Quartermaine, 1995-2001 (SIX YEARS, and now she's dating David Cross. No idea what to make of this.)

  • 7. George Takei

    as Mr. Diem, 1985

  • 8. Kristin Davis

    as Betsy Chilson, 1991 (photo OBVIOUSLY not from General Hospital)

  • 9. Mark Hamill

    as Kent Murray, 1972-1973 (Again, photo not from GH, but he looks pretty good here. I'm excited to see Star Wars now.)

  • 10. Leonard Nimoy

    as Bernie Smith, 1963 (screenshot from Bonanza, sorry)

  • 11. Richard Simmons

    as Himself (of course), 1979-1980

  • 12. Barry Williams

    as Hannibal, 1984