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11 More Unorthodox Wedding Dance Videos

Jill and Kevin are not the only dance-crazy, knot-tying couple out there. Here is a sampling of YouTube's finest Surprise Wedding Dance moments (plus one light-up wedding dress, because honestly, it's the best wedding-related thing I've ever seen).

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  • 1. the Surprise Light-Up Wedding Dress

    This is plain awesome. And I am as cold-hearted as they come re: weddings.

  • 2. Tandem 'Napoleon Dynamite' dance (with reveal)

    This is really pretty cute.

  • 3. Best Man 'Napoleon Dynamite' dance

    I'm less sure about this one.

  • 4. JK Rip-Off, but with better music and camera-work

    Is this a parody? I don't really know what is going at this wedding, but they do play Gaga, so. I'm not here to judge.

  • 5. 'Womanizer' pseudo-strip-tease

    All other forms of propriety aside, that flower girl is maybe a little young.

  • 6. Father/Daughter 'Right Stuff' dance

    This dad is a pretty fantastic dad.

  • 7. Walk It Out

    Mendelssohn for the 21st century.

  • 8. Chariots of Fire

    A wedding party is really just a group of backup dancers in chiffon.

  • 9. a 90s retrospective

    Just wait for the macarena.

  • 10. the Blindfold Dance Contest

    Humiliating others is a crucial part of the wedding process.

  • 11. Bridging Cultural Divides

    It's like make-up sex, but with dancing, and for everyone?