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    11 Best 'Reading Rainbow' Song Covers

    Sad news: the last episode of Reading Rainbow airs today. No more book reviews! No more informational segments on space camp. Worst of all, no more trippy theme song. We'll have to make do with these from now on.

    • 1. the Original

    • 2. the LeVar Burton Version!!!

    • 3. the Punk Version

    • 4. the "Professional" Comedians version

    • 5. Piano Version #1

    • 6. Piano Version #2

    • 7. the Piano Version with Vocals

    • 8. the Acoustic Version

    • 9. the Emo version

    • 10. the Drunk version

    • 11. the Earnest Version

    • 12. the New, Official, Basterdized version

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