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Will Ferrell's Top 10 Movie Characters

He's played some sensational human beings during his time on the silver screen, but which sensational human being is best? There's only one way to find out – fiiiight! (Or put them in a list.)

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10. Big Earl – Starsky and Hutch

Via Dimension Films/Tumblr

Big Earl's minutes:magnificence ratio in Starsky & Hutch is truly impressive. A jailbird with a penchant for dragons and bellybuttons, he made every second on screen count. Good one Big Earl.

7. Ricky Bobby – Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Via Columbia Pictures/Tumblr

This petrol-headed freak had it all, then lost it all, then had it all again. It was a heart-warming story that introduced the notion of a spider monkey as a threatening animal. For that, we're thankful.

5. Jacobim Mugatu

Via Paramount Pictures/Tumblr

As the white-haired Mugatu, Ferrell is responsible for the greatest and most exciting explosion of dance ever committed to celluloid. This character's position at number 5 on the list is a celebration of that.

3. Ron Burgundy – Anchorman / Via DreamWorks/

Possibly controversially, Ron only comes in at number 3 on this poll. Sure he's got salon quality hair and he's the most famous name on the list, but he is up against some serious big hitters. Studies suggest that wherever you are in the world, you're never further than 3ft from someone quoting Anchorman. And that's got to be worth something. BB gun. Trident. Delight. Kicked. Scorpion. Look. The.

2. Buddy – Elf / Via New Line Cinema

A magical dreambaby of a character, Buddy is the world's most caring and kind human. Lacking any inherently negative traits and untainted by the filthy harsh world, he just wants to make people happy. And, let's face it, Christmas just isn't Christmas any more without a steaming hot pie-load of Buddy's wild-eyed silly face on your telebox. Champion snowballer, impressive belcher, exemplary tight wearer and a ruddy good guy.

1. Brennan Huff – Step Brothers

Via Columbia Pictures/Tumblr

Sweet, sweet manchild. Brennan has his flaws that's for sure, but through it all this curly-headed naughty word always had the best intentions at heart. Most importantly, he had a voice that could hit you harder than a double elbow strike from an angry and hostile Belgian martial artist, but in a good way. Brennan overcome his fears, united his family and did something we all want to do deep down: play a musical instrument with our exposed genitals. Brennan Huff, we salute you. Welcome to the winner's enclosure.

(Honourable mentions: Steve Butabi, Jackie Moon, Mustafa.)

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