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    Posted on Jan 18, 2014

    The Problems With Working From Home

    Doing the digital commute sure has it's perks (no-pant Tuesdays, for example), but it also has a host of pitfalls.

    1. Everyone assumes you're skiving

    BBC / Via

    The very instant you say you're working from home, people repeat it back to you making a silly face and doing inverted comma hand signs.

    2. In truth, you're really working quite hard

    Even though there are a million more distractions than usual. It can start to play with your mind.

    3. Lack of human contact starts to drive you a little crazy


    Yes, maybe I'll sing at my radiator as I dance freely like a bear.

    4. Your sleep patterns become erratic


    Hmmm, 1:00AM, probably time for a movie before bed...

    5. Hygiene starts to take a rapid turn for the worse


    Not seeing anyone for a few days? No need to shower then, obviously...

    6. Clothing cleanliness deteriorates at an unprecedented rate


    Well, I haven't showered, so there's probably no point in putting on clean clothes...

    7. Those fleeting glimpses of humanity you do experience make you feel uncomfortable


    Three days have passed now since you last showered or went outside, and you can feel the postman judging you as you sign for a parcel...

    8. Your diet starts to change


    Only cashew nuts, beetroot and mayonnaise left in the kitchen? Three-course meal, coming up.

    9. Eventually you run out of food


    Your newfound dependency on staying indoors has seen your supplies run dry.

    10. You're forced to break cover

    Via Kai Fagerstrom via National Geographic Russia

    Going through the rigamarole of getting ready is tough, but you force yourself through it and venture outside.

    11. And it's glorious!


    Yeah, you've been on filthy lockdown for a few days, but it turns out fresh air is good. Outdoors isn't so bad after all! There's hope for you yet...

    Repeat cycle indefinitely, or until you live with someone who can force you to behave like a responsible adult.

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