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    The Problems With Working From Home

    Doing the digital commute sure has it's perks (no-pant Tuesdays, for example), but it also has a host of pitfalls.

    1. Everyone assumes you're skiving

    2. In truth, you're really working quite hard

    3. Lack of human contact starts to drive you a little crazy

    4. Your sleep patterns become erratic

    5. Hygiene starts to take a rapid turn for the worse

    6. Clothing cleanliness deteriorates at an unprecedented rate

    7. Those fleeting glimpses of humanity you do experience make you feel uncomfortable

    8. Your diet starts to change

    9. Eventually you run out of food

    10. You're forced to break cover

    11. And it's glorious!

    Repeat cycle indefinitely, or until you live with someone who can force you to behave like a responsible adult.