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This Never-Ending Aesthetic Quiz Will Allow Us To Accurately Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Every color of the rainbow and then some!

Choose a red aesthetic:
An orange aesthetic:
Hmmmm... choose another orange:
Choose a yellow(ish) aesthetic:
And another:
And another:
And another!
Choose a green aesthetic:
And another:
And another!
Another green:
Choose a blue aesthetic:
And another:
And another:
Choose a purple aesthetic:
And another:
And another:
Choose a pink aesthetic:
And another!
One more pink:
Choose a brown aesthetic:
Choose another:
Now, choose a random aesthetic:
And another:
And another:
C'mon, another!
And another:
Now, choose a black aesthetic:
Now, a white aesthetic:
What about a gray?
And lastly, let's bring it all together with a rainbow aesthetic:
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