8 Awesome Things To Do On Your Patio This Fall

Don’t ditch your patio. Here are some cool autumnal things you can do with that big flat thing in your backyard.

1. Get Spooky.

Turn your patio into a graveyard for Halloween (or really the entire month of October, let’s be real). Create a walkway with creepy fake candles and scary skeletons. Don’t forget the ironic headstones.

2. Get Soupy.

Host a soup party. They’re warm, tasty, and easy to clean up. All you need are several soup selections (remember your vegetarian friends!), a few crusty loaves of bread, some big mugs, and spoons. Voila!

3. Score with Friends.

Tailgate in your own backyard! Grill up some dogs, break out those big foam fingers, and cheer on your favorite sportsball teams.

4. Cozy Up.

Make a fire. On your patio. There are tons of outdoor fire pits available online in different styles and prices ranges, depending on your patio size and outdoor decor. And hey, s’mores!

5. Grill Various Cheeses.

Yes, you can use your outdoor grill to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Did I just blow your mind?

First, clean your grill. Choose thick bread slices and melty cheeses (think marble rye and Havarti), butter both sides, and slap it on the grill until toasty.

6. Play the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game.

Get the projector rolling, whip out your well-worn copy of Hocus Pocus, and take a shot every time Billy Butcherson loses a limb. Full rules here.

7. Pretend You’re a Cowboy.

Beans. Beers. Pigs in a blanket. Those walking taco things. With a little creative rope placement and some burlap tableclothes, it’s surprisingly easy to throw a cowboy party on your patio.

8. Use Pumpkins for Everything.

Because why the heck not?

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