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    17 People Who Went Through Hell And Back Just Trying To Make It Through The Winter

    Counting the days till spring.

    1. This person who left their door open during a blizzard:

    Open house door and snow all over the interior, including furniture

    2. This person whose pipes burst in the dead of winter:

    Icicles from the kitchen ceiling to the huge ice puddle on the floor

    3. This person who slipped on black ice, which ended in catastrophe:

    A Dunkin order all over the asphalt

    4. This driver who might've been driving too fast on the icy streets:

    Arrow pointing to a car in the water next to a snowy street

    5. This person who had trouble backing out of their garage after a snowstorm:

    Open door seen from inside the garage shows snow up to the top

    6. This person whose car fell victim to a giant piece of hail:

    Broken icy car window

    7. This person whose moonroof was ruined by a hailstorm:

    Shattered car sunroof with a huge icicle hanging from it

    8. This person who left a bottle of sparkling water in their car on a freezing Minneapolis winter day:

    An exploded bottle of water on the car window and dashboard

    9. These tenants who were living in this building when its water pipes burst:

    An apartment building exterior with icicles hanging from every window and balcony

    10. This train passenger who finally got to their stop:

    A train window half covered in snow

    11. This parent whose kids forgot to close the door:

    A car interior with snowdrifts covering every seat

    12. These apartment residents whose cars were parked under a grate in the parking garage while it snowed:

    Two cars in a parking garage with snow on them

    13. This kid whose basketball got stuck in a frozen hoop:

    Kid looking up at a basketball stuck in a hoop on a snowy street

    14. This person who took apart their thermostat to finally figure out why it wasn't working all winter:

    A protective seal labeled "Remove" is still on a part

    15. This person who looked for their car after a blizzard:

    Snowdrifts cover cars

    16. These people who had to avoid using this exit:

    A door with an exit sign above it covered in snow and ice

    17. And this person who slipped on black ice and landed on their $400 camera lens:

    Close-up of a cracked camera lens

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks.