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What's The Worst Relationship Decision A Teen Has Made In A TV Show?

Ah, young love.

Teenagers on television shows often make, well, awful choices and when it comes to romance, there's no exception.

For example, remember when Callie and Brandon slept together on The Fosters even though they were foster siblings???

Callie and Brandon making out in bed

Or how about on Pretty Little Liars when Emily dated Paige, who once tried to DROWN HER?

Paige holding Emily's head down while Emily swims and then a picture of Emily and Paige kissing

And who could forget on Boy Meets World when Topanga rejected a scholarship to Yale so she could go to a state school and be with Cory???

Cory and Topanga kissing in their graduation cap and gown

In short, teens on TV don't make many wise choices when it comes to love. Tell us what you consider to be the worst relationship decisions teens on TV shows made. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!