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What's A Really Messed-Up Moment In An Otherwise Good Movie?

Didn't see that coming.

Sometimes we'll be enjoying a movie and get totally shocked by a moment or scene that's kinda fucked up.


Note: The following examples contain topics of sexual assault.

For example, maybe you were cracking up all throughout Booksmart but got turned off that Miss Fine went to a party full of underage kids, drank with them, and hooked up with one of her students.

Theo hitting on Ms. Fine at a party and her asking for his age
United Artist Releasing

Or perhaps you were enjoying Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and were disgusted when Ace had an anti-trans reaction when he realized Lois Einhorn was transgender.

Ace realizing Lois is transgender and immediately throwing up
Warner Bros.

Or maybe you were watching The Breakfast Club and absolutely hated when Clare ended up with Bender at the end of the movie, especially since he assaulted her in the library earlier that day.

Bender assaulting Clare in the library
Universal Pictures

Tell us what's a messed-up moment from an otherwise fine movie and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.