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    People Are Sharing Things That Are Normal In Movies But Completely Unrealistic In Real Life

    Sorry, but real life doesn't have plot holes!

    Now, we all know that most of the time when we watch movies, we're not exactly expecting a super accurate depiction of life.

    And so, recently Reddit user u/puzzledbynature asked other users, "What movie things are generally accepted as normal, but are totally unrealistic in real life?"

    After reading the responses, it's going to be hard for me to ignore these things the next time I watch a movie:

    1. "When someone cuts the palm of their hand because blood is needed for some sort of ritual. However, that's a terrible place to make a wound because you pretty much lose the use of that hand and it can take a while to heal."


    2. "When people find a parking spot right in front of the building they're going into."


    3. "Showing up for a meeting over dinner or drinks, having said meeting in 1-2 minutes, and just leaving."


    4. "When two people agree to go on a date without mentioning a time or place."


    5. "In action sequences, when someone gets very injured but afterward they only have a few attractively placed bruises and cuts."


    6. "When people finish having sex without even a hint of a clean-up job."


    7. "When people have copious amounts of time to spend with their friends without being tired after work."


    8. "When people hail cabs and get one exactly when they need it."


    9. "When scientists wear little or no protective gear except a lab coat. In real life, that would get your whole operation shut down for months."


    10. "When people open their front door three seconds after an unexpected knock, as if they're just constantly standing behind the door, just in case."


    11. "When someone regains consciousness after receiving CPR β€” in reality, the chances are low."


    12. "When someone hides from bullets behind penetrable objects, like tables or a refrigerator door."


    13. "When the TV is already tuned into the news channel and it's at the beginning of the broadcast that tells the information needed to drive the story."


    14. "When someone gets knocked out and stays unconscious until the plot requires them to wake up again."


    15. "The sound of a punch."


    16. "When someone has a big amazing breakfast laid out on a school or work day, but rushes off after eating one bite of toast."


    17. "When people sleep for eight hours and their hair and makeup are still spot-on."


    18. "When people on low incomes, like students, live in a large apartment in a big expensive city with no roommates."


    19. "When people sometimes just stop conversations in the most random spots or hang up."


    20. "When women in action movies drastically cut their own hair to change their appearance and end up with a fabulous style."


    21. "When a guy wins over a girl by making over-the-top, grand gestures, especially when she has already rejected him before."


    22. "When women wear high heels ALL day long and sometimes run in them to tackle a bad guy."


    23. "When someone is in a coma for weeks or months, wakes up, and walks around a day or two later? Ridiculous."


    24. "When the shower is immediately the right temperature and there's no need to let the water run even a few seconds first."


    25. "When people ride a motorcycle without any kind of eye protection, like sunglasses or goggles. Nearly impossible IRL."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.