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    17 People Who Should Never, Ever, EVER Step Foot In An Airport Or On An Airplaine Again

    I can't believe someone had the audacity to leave a dirty diaper on the terminal floor.

    1. This person who chose not to leave the comfort of their seat to use the bathroom:

    u/[deleted] / Via

    2. This person who felt the seat fan was suitable enough to dry her laundry:

    3. This person who made themself VERY at home on their flight:

    4. This person who left trash, including a USED baby diaper, on the ground:

    u/chiclebubblegum / Via

    5. This person who just couldn't wait 'til they had some privacy to clip their nails:

    u/slavic-soul / Via

    6. This person who hogged a row of seats:

    7. This person who had no home training:

    8. This person who wanted to take up as much space as possible:

    9. These people who let their kids plaster the walls with stickers and didn't remove them:

    10. These people who let their child use the plane like a jungle gym during landing:

    11. This person who I guess didn't have enough room to keep their hair in their own seat:

    12. These people who made this plane their personal trash can:

    13. This family who brought a child to the airport smoking room:

    u/slavic-soul / Via

    14. These people who figured that someone else would clean up their mess:

    15. This person who wanted to air out her feet:

    16. This person who didn't let anyone fall asleep on a long flight:

    17. And this person who left pasta on the terminal floor and didn't even attempt to clean it up:

    H/T r/trashy