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    21 Funny Things Baby Boomers Do According To Twitter

    "Why do baby boomers have a very intense personal grudge against ripped jeans?"


    Why do Baby Boomers use multiple ellipses like they’re plotting our murders?? Email from Mom: “We can talk more about it when I see you soon.............” 🧐😟🔪🔪🔪🔪😭


    Why do baby boomers use their car keys to scratch the inside of their ear when it itches


    Why do baby boomers think not caring about the environment is a personality trait


    Why do baby boomers walk around the locker room with they dicks out.


    Why do so many Baby Boomers type so dang hard/loud? 😂 Does it have something to do with the first keyboards needing more force?


    Why do baby boomers require an informational pamphlet to be able to do literally anything


    why do baby boomers still stare at exposed legs like you’re a disgrace to God lmao


    Why to baby boomers write texts like they're sending a goddamn telegram? Hello SEND Dinner at 6 SEND Bring sweater cold SEND


    Why do baby boomers have such loud and annoying ringtones?


    Why do baby boomers care more about getting thank you notes than literally anything else?


    Why do baby boomers wake up at 4am


    Why do baby boomers have a very intense personal grudge against ripped jeans


    baby boomers always complain about millennials, so i have a complaint for them: why do you people always take 20 minutes at self-checkout???


    Why do baby boomers gotta yell at me for being broke, shits expensive. Your president bought the Louisiana purchase for like $24, I don’t wanna hear it


    why do baby boomers always think someone is trying to hack their facebooks?? nobody cares enough about the pics of your grandchildren or bejeweled scores


    Why do baby boomers wear getting beaten by their parents as a badge of honor?


    Why do baby boomers sit in surgeon waiting rooms talking super loud to their missus like they're in a pub? Is this as good as it gets 4 'em?


    Why do baby boomers hit reply all to emails that really only need to be directed at one person?


    why do baby boomers think it’s acceptable to cough out loud on a plane without covering their mouth and the proceed to make throw-up sounds while the plane is in mid-air?


    Why do baby boomers either scream like they are at a rock concert or mumble incoherently when they talk on the phone? Sis learn to talk on the phone this shouldn’t be an issue


    why do so many baby boomers think it’s okay to treat peeps in customer and food service so poorly???? like what does it accomplish

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