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    19 People Who Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Funnier Than You'll Ever Be, No Offense

    Making little Ouija boards to be handed out at your funeral is kinda genius.

    1. This person who created a survey for his roommate's hookups and left it outside his door:

    A "Post-Coital Survey" hanging on a door, along with a pen
    Close-up of the questions, including "How would you describe your satisfaction with this interaction?"
    Close-up of "A handy ruler for reference" with up to 4 inches illustrated

    2. This person who made these cards to be passed out at their funeral:

    Photo of the dead person giving the finger, along with "Let's keep in touch!" and a Ouija board saying "Goodbye"

    3. This person who added a warning sign because they kept hitting their head while walking down the stairs:

    Photo of a duck at a flight of stairs

    4. This person who made cards to hand out to interviewers for when they ask, "What is your greatest strength?":

    Card with "My ability to anticipate" on it

    5. This person who tried to get their kids to clean their bathroom:

    A handwritten note from Mom and Dad dated 1/17 and saying the kids have won $50 for finding it, but the number of days that have passed since that date will be subtracted from the prize

    The note says, "Congratulations! You've found this note! If you're reading this you've won $50. But, here's the catch. However many days have passed since the date at the top will be subtracted from the pot. Good luck! Love, Mom and Dad."

    6. This person who made some surprising art on the coffee they made for a customer:

    A dog pooping outlined in the foam of a cup of coffee

    7. This person who took away their child's Nintendo Switch privileges:

    A Nintendo Switch with tiny locks on the button

    8. This person who put a lock on a tire to prevent the vehicle from moving:

    A single tire with a lock in a parking space

    9. This person who made...oddly shaped brownies for their first day of work:

    Four turd-looking brownies with handwritten note: "Holy crap, I'm so excited to work with you all! Thanks for having me!"

    The note says, "Holy crap! I'm so excited to work with you all! Thanks for having me!"

    10. This person who made a sign so his neighbors would know he was redoing his lawn:

    A "New Grass Loading" sign on dry-looking grass with the computer loading bar and "Done" or "Cancel" fields
    Close-up of the sign

    11. This person who packed these "dinner for one" sets:

    "Dinner for one" with a corn on the cob, a potato, and two Bud Lights

    12. This person who came up with a brilliant Halloween costume:

    A ghost costume with "Had a great time tonight," "Me too," "You free on Friday?" and "Hey" bubbles written on it

    13. This person who took the arm off this mannequin:

    A mannequin with one arm wearing a Jaws T-shirt

    14. This person with diabetes who labeled the candy in her house for when her blood sugar gets low:

    A bag of candy labeled "Mom's meds"

    15. This person who added a sign to their broken fence to scare off robbers (when, in reality, a tree had fallen on the fence):

    A broken fence with the bars bent, with "Beware of 'dog'" on it
    Close-up of the sign

    16. These concertgoers who had a hilarious couples outfit:

    Tall guy with back of T-shirt saying "Hi, I'm Bob and I'll be the Token Tall Guy blocking your view today, thanks for your cooperation," and the woman with "Fuck you Bob" on the back of her shirt
    Close-up of the guy's T-shirt

    17. This person who built an outside urinal — I guess because the trip to the house bathroom was too far:

    A urinal attached to the side of a house

    18. And this person who put up this sign on April Fools' Day:

    "Blockbuster coming soon" sign on scaffolding