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    People Who Studied Abroad, Tell Us About Your Wildest Experience With Your Host Family

    Get it off your chest.

    If you've ever done a study abroad program where you lived with a host family, you know how beneficial it is because the experience provides you with a deeper understanding of local culture.

    But living with total strangers is a risk, and a host family doesn't always go as planned. So I want to know, if you've lived with a host family OR if you've hosted a student from abroad, what's your horror story?

    For example, maybe you studied abroad for a semester and your host family gave you a curfew, despite you being an adult, and would lock you out if you missed it.

    Or maybe you hosted a student from abroad for a few months and one day you caught them in your room trying to steal jewelry.

    Perhaps while studying abroad, you were hosted by a young couple and you had to witness their very messy breakup in the middle of your stay.

    Or maybe you hosted a college senior who was seemingly the perfect house guest until you discovered they were having an affair with your spouse.

    Tell us your horror stories about living with a host family or hosting a student from abroad. And make sure to tell us where you're from, where you were studying, or where the student you were hosting was from. Tell us your stories in the comments (or use this Google Form if you want to be anonymous).