Squidward Is Getting His Own Netflix Spin-Off And, TBH, It’s About Time

    This made my day.

    Let's be real, a lot of us grew up not liking Squidward on SpongeBob Squarepants because he was a grouchy cynic.

    But then, a lot of us grew up and ended up relating to Squidward on a spiritual level.

    Welp, I have big news for my fellow Squidward fans! It's just been announced that Squidward is getting his own Netflix spin-off!!!

    The series is described as a music based project, so I'm already expecting some ~soothing~ sounds from Squidward's clarinet.

    And perhaps some grand musical numbers like in the ICONIC marching band episode?

    But honestly, this spin-off is loooong overdue because Squidward speaks to a lot of us who have grown up since watching SpongeBob as kids.

    He gets what it's like to be an aspiring artist.

    He knows the struggle of going to work. Every. Single. Day.

    And he truly understands how a daily routine can get just a tad bit dull.

    And of course, people are already excited for the show.

    Squidward, queer icon, is getting the Netflix spinoff he deserves

    netflix will release a show that will be focus on squidward. IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF MEME WE’RE GONNA GET!

    Squidward is getting his own Netflix show, you say?? If you need me, don’t.

    That squidward spin off on Netflix about to be funnny

    squidward after hearing the news that he's getting his own netflix spinoff

    In conclusion, Squidward is finally going to get his proper recognition and I know this show is going to be relatable AF.