48 Little Things From Movies That Were Too Clever For Us To Catch When We Were Kids

    There were SO many Easter eggs I missed in Soul (2020).

    1. Mickey Mouse's "cameo" in The Lion King 1½:

    2. The subtle subway ad: 

    3. The Easter egg in the travel ad:

    4. Bellwether's necklace:

    5. Baby Kuzco's toys:

    6. George's recurring problem: 

    7. Hercules' cape: 

    8. Git, the gym rat (and lab rat):

    9. This goth T-shirt:

    10. This kid's comic book:

    11. The queen's pet, Aphie:

    12. Mr. Big, the arctic shrew:

    13. The transitioning wallpaper:

    14. The drawing Anastasia gifts to her grandma:

    15. Bob's quick reflexes:

    16. Miles Morales's spidey senses:

    17. Sid's cameo:

    18. Matilda's mom's Guam comment:

    19. Eddie's "accidental" animation:

    20. The White Witch's crown:

    21. Ginny's pants:

    22. SpongeBob's job history:

    23. Hades' halftime comment: