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What's A Shocking Secret About Your Parents You Didn't Learn Until You Were An Adult?

Get it off your chest.

Parents have many reasons for hiding things from their kids. Sometimes they just want to protect their kids and other times they just want to protect their own image.

And very often, when kids become adults, they finally discover their parents' secrets and are left speechless.

For example, maybe while you were growing up your parents were close friends with another couple who they'd go on a lot of vacations with and sometimes would even live with you. But as an adult, you came to find out that your parents were actually polyamorous and that couple was their lovers!

Or maybe you were tempted to go through your mom's text messages and found out she is actually your grandma and that your "older sister" was your biological mom.

Or perhaps when you were in middle school, your dad went away on a long business trip and years later, you found out that he had actually just gone to rehab.

Carlos from "Desperate Housewives" sitting on a bed in rehab

Tell us a shocking secret you learned about your parents when you were an adult (or use this Google Form if you want to be anonymous). You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.