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    23 Screenshots That Prove Dating Men In The 21st Century Is Hell On Earth

    "Basically, I've been leading you on, whoops."

    1. This man who rightfully never got a response:

    2. This man who was taken off the market:

    3. This man who played the victim card big time:

    A guy messaging a woman about how women only want toxic men and relationship instead of nice guys like him

    4. This man who wasted someone's time:

    5. This "nice guy" whose profile was full of red flags:

    6. This man whose Hinge profile was very, very blunt:

    7. This man who was too forward:

    8. This man who tried to...make a move, I guess?:

    Twitter: @elite__milk

    9. This man who should've been more focused on his family than dating:

    Almost broke my fingers blocking this man

    Twitter: @24kRose_

    10. This man who tried to play a game:

    Twitter: @bIaids

    11. This man who "forgot" about his girlfriend:

    Twitter: @BloodsareCrips

    12. This man who was in a suuuuper messy relationship:

    How you got 2 boyfriends and still cheating?? 😹

    Twitter: @rrrubenciito

    13. This man who made an inappropriate joke and could not handle the rejection after:

    A man texting a woman a bunch of times in a row freaking out and harassing her because she cancelled a date after he made an inappropriate joke

    14. This man who cheated and pretended like he was the perfect boyfriend:

    15. This man who has surely never, EVER asked for nudes🙄:

    16. This man who was determined to hook up one way or another:

    Men from Tinder

    17. This man who literally tried to give someone orders:

    Y’all dating is hell. Stay safe out there

    Twitter: @Ya_TRC_Ya

    18. This man who thought he was being kinky:

    19. This man who would prefer to date fictional women:

    20. This man who immediately made a sexual innuendo upon talking to his Tinder match:

    A guy messaging a woman "when you eat watermelon do you spit or swallow the seeds?"

    21. This man who responded to a clever joke with a crude one:

    22. This man whose actions didn't live up to his Tinder bio: 

    23. And this man who forgot to mention some important details in his profile: