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    I Watched The "Saved By The Bell" Reboot And Here's How It Was

    I laughed A LOT.

    🚨Warning: Obviously, spoilers ahead!🚨

    Last Wednesday, the Saved by the Bell reboot was released onto Peacock — which is NBCUniversal's streaming platform.

    As a fan of the original iconic series, I was a little skeptical when the first few trailers for the reboot came out, but now that it's released, I had to check it out!

    Here's Peacock's synopsis of the series.

    The opening scene gives us an update on Zack Morris, and it already had me laughing. He's still married to Kelly, has a teenage son, but has somehow become governor of California🤨.

    Then we meet the new generation of Saved by the Bell characters. First, there's the Douglas High sophomores whose school was shut down and now attend Bayside High: Daisy (left), Aisha (middle), and Devante (right).

    Then there's Lexi (left), Jamie (middle), and Mac (right) who've always gone to Bayside High. Jamie is Jessie Spano's son, and Mac is Zack and Kelly's son.

    And Mac is basically a carbon copy parody of his father, LOL.

    Now, originally I thought Mac would be the main character since he's Zack's son, but the main character is actually Daisy, and her perspective makes the reboot more original.

    Anyway, the Bayside characters are all wealthy and incredibly oblivious to their privilege until the Douglas students arrive.

    In the first episode, Daisy, Mac, and Lexi run against each other for class president. Mac and Lexi just want the president parking spot, while Daisy wants to make the school better for Douglas students.

    The show also constantly satirizes aspects of the original series and sitcoms like it, which was refreshing and hilarious.

    I especially love the humor that Bayside's "it girl" Lexi brings to the show. Her dialogue and delivery are some of the funniest moments.

    Also, Slater and Jessie both work at the school, so they ofc sprinkle in a little ✨nostalgia✨ here and there through the show. But it's never forced, nor does the show rely heavily on it.

    Lastly, the show's opening sequence pays homage to the original iconic intro, but tbh, I didn't exactly love it.

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    All in all, this reboot is a funny and fresh sequel to the original. The comedy is exaggerated, but self-aware, while the new topics and dynamics between these characters make it a great watch!