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I Can't Stop Laughing At These 31 People Who Were So Wrong But So Confident At The Same Time

"I just hit my head really hard. I think I might have a caucasian."

1. You'll be surprised what "aunt rap runner" was actually supposed to be:

2. I know this person must've felt dumb:

3. I can't even understand how this typo came to be:

4. This person hit their head and might've hit it harder than they realized:

5. This person wanted to try a new food:

6. Sally Manilla sounds like it could be a drag queen's name:

7. Clearly, this person was better at math than spelling:

8. Hey, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm sure they meant to say "ominous":

9. This YouTube comment left me with a lot of questions:

10. This person tried to kink shame and failed:

11. At least this person left an honest review:

12. This person's memory was better than their spelling:

13. I don't think I've ever tried this dessert before:

14. This person didn't even know the word they meant to say:

15. Honestly, I didn't know how to spell this for years either:

16. How did this person think this made sense?:

17. In a funny way, this makes sense:

18. This person might've been in some legal trouble:

19. I hope this wasn't their whole tip:

20. Some people really need to google the words they're looking for before they send messages:

21. You'll always find a gem in any comment section:

22. I relate to this person trying to beat the Instagram algorithm:

23. "Curse of writing" sounds like it could be taught at Hogwarts:

24. This person should've checked the milk's "inspiration date" first:

25. Now this is a misspelling that they can't even try to blame on autocorrect:

26. They had the wrong words, but they had the right message:

27. Maybe it's for the best this person chose a different career:

28. What a gorgeous view 😍:

29. This person was clearly not as well versed in Mexican food as they thought:

30. This dad's discovery was a bit confusing at first:

31. And lastly, this person tried to drag someone and it went so wrong 😕:

H/T r/BoneAppleTea