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25 People Who Are Already Having A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, MUCH Worse 2023 Than You

Okay, maybe 2024 will be their year.

1. This person whose laundry day became a huuuuge obstacle:

An empty laundry room

2. This person who went to work and learned about the new bathroom rules:

A notice about bathroom usage

3. This person whose washing machine just broke down out of nowhere:

A broken laundry machine

4. This person whose teacher took points off their paper because they submitted minutes before it was due:

A notice about why a person got points taken off an assignment

5. This person who found concerning messages on their girlfriend's phone:

Screenshot of a text exchange

6. This person who got their own Wi-Fi set up but was told they still had to pay for shared internet in their apartment building:

Text explaining an internet fee

7. This person who had a cooking mishap:

A broken pan

8. This person who couldn't get a refund on an Uber Eats order even though their order was missing items:

"I'm afraid, we're not able to refund or adjust this order."

9. This person who's never getting this stain out:

Spilled paint in a car

10. This person who got a bottle of URINE in their Amazon Fresh order 🤢:

A bottle with yellow liquid

11. This person whose engagement ring was eaten by their friend's dog:

X-ray of a ring in a dog's stomach

12. This person whose boss told them to close in -40 degree weather:

Screenshot of a text exchange

13. This person who bought a new phone and dropped it a few hours later:

A broken phone

14. This person who made the mistake of putting dish soap in the dishwashing machine:

Soap on the floor

15. This person who was wasting time and ingredients at their job because of prank callers:

"Last night they had over $500 of prank orders"

16. This person who was threatened with eviction by their landlords:

"or an eviction process will be carried out..."

17. This person whose car was struck by a falling tree:

A tree on a car

18. Also, this person whose car was struck by a falling DINING ROOM CHAIR while on the highway:

A broken windshield

19. These people in Canada who were the first to suffer from Netflix's new password sharing rules:

A Netflix screen

20. This person whose shoes were messed up by airport security:

A stain on someone's shoe

21. This person who got an Airbnb just for the bath, and then this happened:

A tub with dirty water

22. This person who discovered the mirrored ceilings in their bathrooms at work:

Mirrors on the ceiling in a bathroom

23. This person who was awarded a mint for going above and beyond at work:

A note with a mint

24. This person whose ex blocked them before paying them back the $30K they owed:

Screenshot of a text exchange

25. And this person who tried on someone else's ring and it got stuck:

A ring stuck on someone's purple finger