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19 Screenshots Of Helicopter Parents Who Desperately Need To Loosen Their Grip

"I would rather die than play with my kids. It's boring beyond acceptability."

1. This parent who didn't believe children deserve privacy:

A parent refers to children as property and says if they want privacy they can move out

2. This parent who was too opinionated about how their grandchildren were being raised:

A grandparent tells their child they need to "get control of these kids" in response to a picture of their grandchild sleeping on the couch and cuddling a cat

3. This parent who destroyed their child's belongings:

A parent says they had a "mommy moment" and smashed their child's XBox and are now looking for a replacement because they feel bad

4. This parent who announced their child's pregnancy news before they had a chance to announce it themself:

A pregnant mother asks their mother-in-law to take down a social media post announcing her pregnancy, and the mother-in-law refuses

5. This parent who got mad that their child was busy at college orientation:

A child says they were in orientation so couldn't answer the phone, and their father responds "I will match your responsiveness to me when you need something"

6. This parent who was very nasty about having different politics from their child:

The parent sends a Fox News clip, the child asks them to stop, and the parent responds with a rant that says "you don't know shit liberal" and "I want nothing to do with you"

7. This parent who demanded their child download a location tracking app:

The child refuses the tracking app and says they're 27, and the parent responds "I am just putting your name on my list, don't get your feathers ruffled, relax"

8. This parent who was mad about something their 22-year-old child liked on Facebook:

The parent says they're bothered that their child liked a Facebook post about someone being unbaptized, the child says they must have liked it by mistake, and the parent asks the child to go back and unlike it

9. This parent who didn't like playing with their kids:

A parent says they provide for their child but don't play with them, that's what friends are for, and says "I would rather die than play with them, it is boring beyond acceptability"

10. This parent who expected their child to go to church with them even though they had COVID:

The parent asks their child to go to church, the child says they're not religious and have COVID, and the parent says "both bad reasons" and that they had hoped to see them in the afterlife

11. This parent who randomly demanded some very personal info:

The parent asks for their child's social security number, the child asks why, and the parent says "don't ask me, just give it to me"

12. This parent who was incredibly strict about their kid's screentime:

A parent says their 16-year-old child doesn't have a phone and can only go on the internet with a parent present, and their TVs are programmed so he can only watch certain channels

13. This parent who wanted to punish their child for eating ramen noodles:

A parent asking a social media community for a suitable punishment for her child for bringing instant ramen noodles into their house and eating them at night

14. This parent who didn't see their child as "pure" anymore because they were living with their partner before marriage:

A parent asks their child to return the ring they had given them for their wedding because they thought they'd walk her down the aisle "pure" to give to her husband

15. This parent who was keeping tabs on their 40-year-old child years after they got arrested for a petty misdemeanor:

The parent says it was reported to them that their child was spotted on the highway and asks where they're going; the 40-year-old child says "this is how you get blocked mom"

16. This parent who turned off their child's wireless data because they wouldn't share their location:

A text chain of the parent threatening to turn data off if location services aren't turned on, then days later, asking the child to call back and then saying data is back on; the child never responds to any of the texts

17. This parent who wanted proof that their 20-year-old child was at the movies like they said:

A parent asks if their child has gotten to the movie, the child says yes, and the parent asks for a picture of the movie screen or ticket

18. This parent who felt it was their right to post their kids online without their approval:

A parent says "I'm so sick of the consent trend, I show my kids on social media because I want to and that's no one else's business"

19. And this parent who didn't want their adult-aged child to get a bank account separate from them:

A father tells their child that their mother will be angry if the child gets a separate bank account and asks why they want to hide their purchases
The child continues to insist on separate accounts, the father says "try approaching from a different attitude," and the child says "No, everyone I tell about my mom seeing my bank account says it's crazy or weird"