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    24 "Overheard" New York Conversations That Are As Hilarious As They Are Accurate

    "Yeah man, my building had no water so I brushed my teeth with coconut LaCroix."

    As born and bred New Yorkers, we're used to overhearing a lot of wild things on a regular basis. But given that we practically live on top of one another, it's really just par for the course.

    There's even an Instagram account — Overheard New York — that collects the most outrageous things people have heard around the city. And, honestly, they don't surprise us one bit.

    1. We have to deal with spam IRL.

    2. You ever just hear something and know it didn't come from a native New Yorker?

    3. It be like that sometimes.

    4. We define success differently.

    5. Trash will pass for decor at times.

    6. This had to be a tourist.

    7. Riding the subway in New York is a very ~intimate~ experience.

    8. New York rats have a refined palate.

    9. Finding a good roommate is a struggle to say the least.

    10. Even the simplest tasks feel intense.

    11. Real talk: NYC's tap water is actually amazing.

    12. You can't trust anyone — especially the MTA.

    13. Getting singled out by psychics is like a New York rite of passage.

    14. Who has room for an actual Christmas tree?!

    15. Some things aren't worth the hike.

    16. Non-natives are ~very~ sympathetic.

    17. We've all met this girl before.

    18. NYC priorities in a nutshell.

    19. When your server knows what's up.

    20. Expensive prices are rarely justified.

    21. Not every interaction in NYC is a meet-cute.

    22. Sometimes performers make money in ways they don't expect.

    23. No, sir, not today.

    24. What's the point?

    For more funny overheard things in New York, check out Overheard New York on Instagram.