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People Who Converted To Their Spouse's Religion, Tell Us Your Story

Tell us what you want people to know.

Some people are born into the religion they're part of, some people find it, and some people convert to it because it's their partner's religion. If you married into faith, I want to know what the story was.

Maybe you were raised Catholic but never had strong faith until you met your partner who's Muslim, and you found yourself really connecting to their religion.

Perhaps you were an atheist, but you converted to Judaism just because your spouse's family wouldn't accept you if you didn't.

Or maybe your spouse was Catholic and you converted to it because it genuinely felt right for you, but then you got divorced and found yourself not practicing it anymore.

Or maybe you got divorced from your spouse and you actually did keep practicing the religion and your faith is even stronger than it was during the marriage.

If you converted to your spouse's religion, tell us your story. Use the comments below (or this Google Form if you want to be anonymous) to tell us your stories. You could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.