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    22 Details From Kids Christmas Movies That You Won't Believe You Missed

    They gave us Easter eggs in Christmas movies.

    1. The pizzeria's name:

    2. The slot machines:

    3. The Horton statue:

    4. Martha May's jewels:

    5. Hermey's ears and hair:

    6. Yukon's peppermint search:

    7. The head count:

    8. The fake feet:

    9. The Hans Christian Anderson Easter egg:

    10. The Christmas mug:

    11. The sheep doll:

    12. The hidden gremlin:

    13. This nickname:

    14. The vanishing cyclops:

    15. The Stranger Things reference:

    16. The store name:

    17. Santa's sneakers:

    18. The drink of choice:

    19. The Rudolph statue:

    20. The A113 on the sled:

    21. The halfway mark:

    22. And the flux capacitor:

    H/T r/MovieDetails