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31 Pictures Of Inconsiderate Things People Did That Made Other People's Blood Boil

Sleeping through a first date and then blaming the other person for it is the quickest way to get blocked.

1. These dog groomers who gave someone back the WRONG DOG:

two different small dogs

2. This person who asked for eight inches off their hair.

cut off ponytail next to a ruler and it's way over 12 inches

3. This person who took up FOUR parking spots:

truck parked in the middle of four spots

4. This person who put their feet on movie theatre seats that people had reserved:

bare feet sticking out from the seats

5. These three trucks that blocked the whole highway:

three semi trucks next to each other across three lanes

6. This boss who didn't want their employees to befriend each other during work hours:

memo that says work is not supposed to be fun

7. This lil' guy who popped up in someone's shower:

mouse on a shower curtain

8. This restaurant that asks for kitchen tip on top of the standard tip:

receipt showing a section for a kitchen tip

9. This bland garlic bread from a pizzeria:

no garlic on the bread

10. This Uber driver who refused to move their groceries from the passenger seat while driving around four people:

someone in the front seat with groceries on the floorboard

11. This person who parked their truck inches away from this other car:

truck crossing over the line in a parking spot inches away from hitting another car

12. This gift from the school for teacher appreciation week:

starbursts and bubble wrap

13. This person who couldn't figure out why their dryer stopped working, until their sister showed them the problem:

dryer clogged with lint

14. This person who CONSTANTLY forgets that they already have a cup:

mugs and glasses cluttering the sink

15. The person who "destemmed" these strawberries:

a chunk of the strawberry still there with the stem

16. This guy who slept through a date and then blamed the other person because they didn't want to exchange phone numbers:

this is phone is important, you could have called to wake my sleeping ass

17. This child who emptied the dishwasher but didn't put them away:

clean dishes on the counter

18. This person who placed this ladder here:

ladder perched on a ledged

19. This person who wrote the code to a gated community on the box:

gate code on the box

20. This anti-drugs sign that could possibly even be pro-drug:

very confusing design that seems to read, say to sliders drugs say no to yes

21. This person who cut a pizza pie to avoid cutting pepperoni:

slices cut around the whole pepperoni

22. These people who didn't clean up after their gender reveal party in the park:

blue confetti left all over the park

23. This loaf of bread that was missing, like, half the bread:

large holes in the middle of the bread slices

24. This roommate who left their dishes in the sink for weeks:

large ball of mold on top of the plate

25. This bacon that's 98% fat and 2% meat:

bacon that is all fat

26. This person who left the bathroom they share with their sibling like this:

makeup on every inch of the counter and in the sink

27. This test question:

janell had 15 marbles, she lost some of them how many does she have now

28. This flimsy paper straw:

straw being pinched in the lid's hole

29. This microwave in a house where five guys lived🤢:

completely filthy inside

30. This person who couldn't be bothered to find a trash can:

chicken left on a shelf

31. And lastly, this bill after a doctor examined a child's cut and said it was nothing:

bill is over $500

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