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    17 Photos Of People Who Seem To Care Only About Themselves And Nobody Else

    If someone came up to me and sprayed bleach on my jeans, it'd be my villain origin story.

    1. These customers who didn't put the shoes they tried on back where they belong:

    A messy shoe store aisle

    2. This person who, for whatever reason, took up two parking spots:

    A van parked wrong

    3. This person who posed the question: "Why can't the bike lane double as a running path?":

    A person running in the bike lane

    4. These people who kept their baby strollers in front of the bike hangers of the apartment building:

    Strollers in a foyer

    5. This person who built a pergola that hangs over their neighbor's yard:

    A pergola reaching over someone's fence

    6. This person who refused to close their umbrella, which blocked people's view of the concert:

    An umbrella blocking bystanders view of a concert

    7. This person who ripped up the wedding photo on someone's locker:

    A ripped wedding photo

    8. This person who dumped their kid's salt in the sink because they considered this too little to save:

    Salt in a sink

    9. This person who came up to their coworker and sprayed their jeans with bleach:

    Bleach-stained jeans

    10. This landlord who swapped out the furniture in a furnished apartment someone had rented before they moved in:

    A cot

    11. The people who made this sandwich and sold it for full price:

    A sad sandwich

    12. This person who squeezed in next to this truck instead of finding another spot in the lot:

    A car parked incorrectly

    13. This person who drenched the gym machine with sweat and didn't wipe it down after:

    A sweaty seat in a gym

    14. These people who didn't clean up after their gender reveal party:

    Blue confetti all over the parking lot and someone's car

    15. This husband who never cleaned OR rinsed pans after using them:

    A dirty pan

    16. These people who put their bare feet on the back of seats at a movie theater:

    People with their bare feet on the seat in a theater

    17. And these people who watched loud TikToks without headphones while on a three-hour train ride:

    People on their phones on the train