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What's A Serious Topic "Glee" Surprisingly Handled Well?

They did a thing or two right.

Glee premiered in 2009 and it's already known for how poorly it's aged😬.

Mr. Schue telling The New Directions that they all all minorities because they're in the Glee club

Though the show mishandled a lot of serious topics, they didn't always mess it up and, so, I want to know what serious topics you think Glee actually handled well.


Note: The following examples contain topics of domestic assault.

For example, maybe you thought they handled the plot about Karofsky being outed well because it was a real and honest portrayal of teen bullying, how it made him depressed, and they later showed that life does get better.


Or maybe you thought they did an excellent job handling the death of Sue's sister Jean because they showed how differently people deal with grief, and The New Directions rallied behind Sue to support her.

Sue Sylvester crying at her sister's funeral

Or maybe when Coach Beiste was being physically abused by her husband, you felt they did a good job portraying how hard it can be for survivors to leave abusive relationships.

Coach Beiste revealing her husband hit her

Tell us what serious topic Glee handled well and why you think it was handled well. You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video.