16 Brides And Grooms Who Honestly Acted Like Spoiled Brats Just Because They Were Getting Married

    "I am expecting everyone to spend AT LEAST $400 on the wedding gifts."

    1. This influencer who was getting married and wanted to "pay" the florist by posting pictures of the flowers on their social media pages:

    "so please especially in times like now help others by actually buying what you need and then posting reviews."

    2. This person who demanded their bridesmaids sign a contract saying they'd pay a $100 deposit for the wedding:

    Contract asking people in the wedding to pay a deposit of $100

    3. This person who called people awful names just because they didn't donate to pay for their wedding:

    "Just fucking give me money for my wedding"

    4. This person who needed to borrow a car for their wedding and rejected offers VERY rudely:

    "okay then NO!!"
    "Looking for something at least over 100k it's for my wedding"

    5. This person who thought a baker was an amateur because they couldn't make a a huge last-minute cake:

    "On TV they complete bigger cakes than this in a short time. Are you a beginner?"

    6. This person who was looking for a wedding photographer, caterer, and dress designer who could be paid in — you guessed it — exposure!:

    "I can already tell you our event will get press because of the historic location."

    7. This person who asked basically a stranger to be their bridesmaid because they heard they gave good wedding gifts:

    "Apparently the bride told her my gift was 'generous' so she wanted me to be her bridesmaid too to cash in?"
    "i wanted to know if you want to be in it like a bridesmaid"
    "but we have sooo many people coming so we can't invite everyone sorry"

    8. This person who required that their wedding guests purchase expensive wedding gifts:

    "I am expecting everyone to spend AT LEAST $400 on the wedding gifts."

    9. This person who told invited guests that they couldn't come to their wedding but still asked for money:

    "If you would like to congratulate the bride and groom, rather than a registry, they are accepting money to aid in a beautiful honeymoon."

    10. This person who wanted to pay basically nothing for a wedding dress someone was selling:

    "Sorry but I can't pay my own money and time to give you a dress basically for free"

    11. This person who wanted guests to pay hundreds of dollars to attend their wedding weekend AND volunteered one of them to cook for everyone:

    Someone saying the bride wanted them to pay $700 to attend the wedding

    12. This person who had posted these absurd requirements for a wedding photographer:

    "bring your own food and drinks"

    13. This person who wanted their caterers to buy clothes that matched their wedding theme:

    "and now the bride wants us to match the wedding party...meaning buying something to wear that I can't afford."

    14. This person who didn't want their friend to get married the same year as them:

    "I want to say no as I would like it to be about me for once in my life..."

    15. This person who was mad at their sister for not wanting to go to a five-day-long bachelorette party and also for asking that her pictures of her daughter wouldn't be put online:

    "Then I ask her for a phot of her daughter for the wedding website and she says no because she doesn't want her daughter picture online"

    16. And lastly, this person who asked someone they hadn't spoken to since HIGH SCHOOL for money for their wedding:

    "When refusals are given, she magically drops off the face of the planet"