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    OK, We Need To Talk About Emily's Social Media Presence In "Emily In Paris" Because It Makes Zero Sense

    @EmilyInParis > Options > Mute account.

    OK, so I've finally finished watching Emily in Paris and I have a lot of thoughts, but one thing that grinded my gears was Emily's social media presence and its growth.


    I guess we're supposed to believe Emily is this naturally talented social media personality on the cusp of becoming a big influencer, just doesn't add up.


    Now, I'm not gonna pretend to be some sort of influencer or social media expert. But like Emily, I'm a twentysomething social media user, and it's clear that things are off here!!!

    Emily starts with 48 followers, which to me is surprisingly low for someone with Emily's personality and background in marketing, but hey, IDK her.


    Fast-forward to the next day — she's got a few more followers, nothing crazy. But after a couple posts of her eating a croissant and kids playing...


    ...she's gone from 53 followers to 200.

    Emily sitting at a table posting a selfie to instagram.

    Now, she is a white, conventionally attractive young woman, so to an extent I can maybe see how her selfies could be garnering a few random followers.

    The thing is, a lot of Emily's posts are lame as hell. Her account is a lot of unremarkable photos of objects, food, and strangers just living their lives. Realistically, thousands of people wouldn't be flocking to her account for that kind of content.

    Emily taking photos of strangers.

    Also, Emily has a habit of posting photos of strangers without their knowledge or consent🤨. Like girl, who raised you?

    Also, her captions are so CORNY. Like, I'm supposed to believe a young millennial with a career in marketing and social media would write THESE?

    A photo of a male figure statue captioned, "Chiseled abs," a photo of women in workout gear smoking captioned, "Smokin Bodies" and a photo of a cheeseburger captioned, "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

    And her account's growth is unreal. It's absolutely ridiculous that Emily would get over 1,000 followers in one morning after posting a picture of this statue.

    Emily's account going from 230 to 1435.

    It's even more absurd that Emily's photo of CHEESE would get her over 3,000 followers in, like, less than an hour??????????

    Emily's photo of cheese getting her over 3000 followers

    How did all those people find her account so quickly? Did her cheese pic make it to their Instagram explore pages? Is the audience for cheese in France that serious?

    And in what world would a photo of random kids get more likes than her cute selfie?

    Emily's selfies having less likes than a photo of random children she posted

    She even gets an invite to some influencer event with actual influencers who have more than quadruple her following, but somehow I'm supposed to believe this video of hers was the one that stood out to the CMO the most....LOL, OK.

    Emily posting a cheesy Instagram story promoting a cosmetics company and the CMO being impressed

    The fact that the CMO heard "berry hungry" and said "She's clever" in all seriousness actually sent me.

    Hey, IDK, maybe she's secretly rich and bought all of her followers🤷‍♂️. As I continue trying to make sense of this, I'll just leave you with this important reminder from Emily.

    A selfie of Emily and the woman who works at the bakery that's captioned, "A little 'Bonjour' goes a long way!"