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20 Incredibly Dangerous Designs That I'm Genuinely Shocked Made It To The Final Product

Putting the boiler shut-off switch next to the light switch is just asking for a disaster.

1. This multi-tool where the knife won't completely lock in while the pliers are out:

Person's hand holding a multi-tool with pliers extended

2. This bedroom window in a hotel that opens so far you could fall out:

Person's leg extended stepping onto a balcony with a clear floor, overlooking lower floors

3. This boiler shut-off button that was placed right next to the light switch:

A boiler shutoff switch with a large, red emergency stop button

4. This packaging for body wash that anyone would mistake for honey:

Bear-shaped honey bottle repurposed as body wash container on a shelf

5. This confusing warning sign:

Circular button on a pole with contradictory instructions "PUSH DON'T PUSH."

6. This not-safe-for-kids cleaning product that has child-friendly packaging:

A hand holding a bottle of Viss cleaning product with whimsical cartoon characters and German text promoting communal cleaning

7. This lighting fixture that burned the grass and could burn other things:

Lamp post in a garden with trimmed hedge and lawn, sunlight casting a shadow

8. This button for 2-year-olds that's so small it's a choking hazard for anyone under three:

9. This bike lane that suddenly ceases to exist:

Bicycle lane leads to a patch of grass suddenly

10. This trippy tile design that could make someone lose their balance:

Sidewalk with an optical illusion of a wavy pattern created by contrasting paving stones

11. These intersecting staircases:

A staircase with a turn, that leads to more stairs but without a safe flat platform

12. These anti-unhoused, anti-loitering parking blocks that could cause a gruesome accident if someone tripped near them:

Concrete barriers with metal spikes to deter skateboarding or sitting

13. These nearly identical bottles for toilet cleaner and dish liquid:

Bottles of Earth Choice cleaning products, one for toilets and one for dishes, mistakenly placed together

14. These mug handles that are near impossible to keep a steady grip on:

handles of the mugs are letters and not easy to grip

15. These stairs that are at a 45° angle which makes them easy to trip on, not to mention the gaps on the side that people's feet can slip into:

A staircase with metal handrails on both sides leading upwards

16. This bathtub that basically acts as a pit someone can slip and fall into:

in-ground tub

17. This sidewalk a neighbor wanted to upscale that turned out to be a slipping hazard:

stone walkway with cones to caution for slips

18. This slide that was placed in front of a pole so kids can slide down and risk a chance of hitting it:

slide leading straight to a metal pole

19. This stainless steel bench on the beach that will scorch anyone's skin on a hot summer day:

Semi-circular outdoor metal bench

20. And lastly, this car with brake lights that are so low people driving behind them often won't see it:

A car with lights very low on the bumper