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23 People Who Completely Regret Waking Up That Morning

This is...deeply upsetting.

1. This person who got an unexpected earring.

2. This person who shattered their slow-cooker while driving over a road bump.

3. This person who had a casket bust through the windows of their car.

4. This person whose kid took finger-painting to a whole new level.

5. This person whose robotic vacuum cleaner ran over dog poop.

6. This person who had a tree fall on their house.

7. These guys who had a little spill.

8. This person who didn't close their door before using an automated parking system.

9. This person who didn't realize these little specs in the cereal were actually ants.

10. This person whose kids forgot to close the car doors.

11. This person who woke up to this in their kitchen.

12. This person who picked the wrong parking lot.

13. This person who found this note on their damaged car.

14. This person whose computer was still updating minutes before they had to present their master's thesis.

15. This person who left their passport and tickets in the airport bathroom.

16. This person who was absolutely devoured by mosquitoes.

17. This person who threw on a shirt from the dirty laundry without inspecting it.

18. This person whose dog made their own exit.

19. This person who drove three hours to get a "great" photo of Mount Rushmore.

20. This person who left an airhorn on their car dashboard in direct sunlight.

21. This person whose Nintendo Switch doubled as their dog's chew toy.

22. This person who left their mirror in front of a window for a whole day.

23. This person who woke up in an unfamiliar place.