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    18 "Cancelling Plans Is Okay" Memes That Are Only Funny If You've Seen Way Too Many Movies

    "Cancelling plans is okay. Faking your own death is okay. Making it look like your husband murdered you is okay."

    🚨Alert: New Twitter meme!🚨 So currently on Twitter, people are embracing self-care, often beginning with the line, “Cancelling plans is okay.”

    Cancelling plans is okay. Staying home to cook is okay. Disappearing for a bit to get your life together is okay. Let's encourage it and respect self improvement ❤ Mental health comes first...❤

    Other people, however, are using movie references to put their own hilarious spin on it, like this:

    cancelling plans is ok. being bitten by a spider is ok. discovering you can shoot webs from your wrists is ok. making a costume and fighting bad guys is ok. killing ur best friend’s father is ok. do what you need to do to cope.

    The jokes are truly amusing, so here are some of the best ones:


    cancelling plans is ok. going to sweden for a festival is ok. realizing u hate your boyfriend is ok. putting him in a dead bear and burning him alive is ok. do what you need to do to cope xxx


    cancelling plans is ok. getting high and driving ur 13 year old sister to the hospital while she is in anaphylactic shock is ok. swerving and chopping off her head is ok. leaving her headless body in the car is ok. becoming a vessel for Paimon is ok. do what u need to do to cope


    cancelling plans is ok. going to therapy is ok. being unemployed is ok. pretending to be an english tutor to get hired by a wealthy family is ok. scamming them to get your entire family employed in the same residence is ok. killing rich is ok. do what u need to cope


    running away to greece is ok. sleeping with 3 men in one summer is ok. not knowing which one of them is the father of ur daughter is ok. encountering the 3 of them at her wedding is ok. only communicating through abba songs is ok. do whatever u need to do to cope.


    Cancelling plans is ok. Living alone is ok. Having layers is ok. Talking to a donkey is ok. Wanting to know what they’re doing in your swamp is ok. Going on a quest to rescue a princess for an evil lord is ok. Objecting their wedding on a dragon is ok. Do what u need to cope


    cancelling plans is ok. faking your own death is ok. making it look like your husband murdered you ok. impregnating yourself with his sperm so he can’t leave you is ok. do what you need to do to cope xxx


    cancelling plans is ok. immediately falling in love with the ex stormtrooper who saved you from the first order is ok. giving him his first real name is ok. hugging him and bitting your lip before telling him to keep your jacket bc it suits him is ok. do whatever you need to cope


    canceling plans is ok. getting broken up with is ok. getting into an ivy league school and moving across the country to win your bf back is ok. proving to everyone that you're a great lawyer because you know the cardinal rules of perm maintenance is ok. do what you need to cope.


    cancelling plans is ok. showing him around is ok. pretending to read while thinking abt his dick is ok. falling in love with him is ok. kissing him on the grass in your spot is ok. crying infront of the fire place bc he's getting married next spring is ok. do what u need to cope.


    canceling plans is ok. going away to summer camp is ok. eating oreos with peanut butter is ok. switching places with your identical twin is ok. reuniting your divorced parents is ok. pushing your sleeping stepmother’s airmattress into a lake is ok. do what u need to do to cope.


    cancelling plans is ok. falling in love with a rival gang member is okay. starting a conflict between the two gangs is okay. feeling pretty and witty is ok. loving your boyfriend after he killed your brother is ok. pointing at chino with a gun is ok. do what you need to cope xx.


    cancelling plans is ok. being separated from family to then pursue your dreams in Paris is ok. controlling a man by pulling his hair is ok. living out your culinary dreams to support ur rat colony is ok. do what u need to do to cope


    canceling plans is ok. making out with your best friend is ok. coming back as a demon after men kiIIed you in a sacrificial ritual is ok. eating boys who want to fuck you to rejuvenate yourself is ok. kiIIing your best friend’s boyfriend is ok. do whatever u need to do to cope.


    canceling plans is ok. losing your job and focusing on your comedy career is ok. doing a slow dance in a bathroom after murdering 3 guys is ok. suffocating your mom because she lied to you is ok. starting a class war is ok. getting sent to an asylum is ok. do what u need to cope.


    canceling plans is ok. buying alcohol for children outside of the liquor store is ok. inviting them over to your basement to party is ok. drugging and stalking them to retaliate against their parents is ok. attempting to murder them all is ok. do what u need to cope


    Canceling plans is okay. Solving mysteries with your dog and best friends in a van is okay. Getting tricked to visit an isolated island in Louisiana is okay. Realizing the people who invited you on the island are zombies and fighting your way out is okay. Do what you need to cope


    cancelling plans is okay. cheating with your stage manager is ok. violently punching a wall is ok. accidentally cutting yourself and then collapsing is ok. not checking if the booster seat is locked in is ok. throwing your ex wife under the bus to a shark lawyer is ok.


    ruining ur graduation is ok. repeating outfits is ok. faking sick to get away from your class on a trip to Italy is ok. impersonating a pop star is ok. exposing Paolo and singing onstage with your doppelgänger and becoming a sensation at 13 is ok. do what u need to cope