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    22 Funny "Overheard Bumble" Conversations Because, At This Point, No One Takes Dating Seriously

    "So what are you on Bumble for?" "Stories to tell my therapist."

    Anyone who's used Bumble (or any dating app at all, tbh) has definitely had some funny and odd conversations that they never expected.

    Thank god this Instagram account — Overheard Bumble — has compiled the most hilarious Bumble conversations and they're truly entertaining:

    1. These are the right relationship priorities:

    2. Unfortunately, I reallllly relate to this one:

    3. That moment when his friend is hotter than him:

    4. Reason #547 why we should ALWAYS forward chain emails:

    5. This was not the response I expected:

    6. TBH, these days the bar is not even on the floor, it's in hell:

    7. A date who wears camouflage crocs? I'm good luv, enjoy.

    8. Not everything on a dating profile is what it seems to be:

    11. Messaging someone back three years later is honestly a mood:

    12. This is what I mean when I say I need a "ride or die":

    15. When you talk to a dog person on Bumble:

    16. This deserves a response of "Hey, I'm so glad you reached out. I'm actually at capacity..."

    17. That feeling when you'll say anything to keep the convo from dying:

    18. This is millennial dating in a nutshell:

    19. All men do is eat, sleep, and LIE:

    20. OK, but why does this person's cat have what I want?:

    22. And lastly, one of the best responses to why someone got on Bumble:

    For more hilarious overheard Bumble conversations, check out Overheard Bumble on Instagram.