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15 Of The Dumbest, Most Thoughtless, Or Rudest Things Boyfriends And Girlfriends Did In 2022

Now, going into 2023 single doesn't look so bad.

1. This girlfriend who gave her partner a haircut:

A man with a bad haircut

2. This boyfriend who had awful photo-cropping skills:

A lake

3. This girlfriend who dumped a guy because he gifted her cookies:

A woman saying she dumped someone for giving her cookies

4. This boyfriend who cleaned the dishes and left the kitchen like this:

A dirty kitchen

5. This boyfriend who threw out his trash at the home he shared with his partner like this:

A bunch of bottles thrown on the ground

6. This girlfriend who put a jar of Nutella in the microwave:

A burnt jar

7. This boyfriend who smokes in the bathroom so often, he leaves the toilet paper covered in ash:

Dirty toilet paper

8. This boyfriend who broke their partner's stovetop with a cast-iron pan:

A broken stove

9. This sleepy boyfriend who almost burned the house down:

Charred food

10. This girlfriend who refused to use a cutting board and left her boyfriend's kitchen counter looking like this:

Knife marks on a countertop

11. This girlfriend who puts broken eggs back in the carton:

Broken eggs in a carton

12. This boyfriend who left the toilet paper like this, which his partner discovered after they used the toilet and needed it most:

An empty toilet paper roll

13. This boyfriend who made things harder than they had to be:

A towel hanging by its tag

14. This boyfriend who got his partner a treat...sort of:

A single piece of candy

15. And this girlfriend who was dumped and cleaned out her partner's bank accounts:

Negative balances