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42 Men Who Should've Erased Their Message Drafts Instead Of Pressing "Send"

"Sorry if I use words you don't understand. Don't be scared to google it."

Note: Some entries include verbally abusive language. 

1. This man who wanted to play a game:

Twitter: @bIaids

2. This man who was very judgmental:

there is categorically no FUCKING SHOT

Twitter: @ssbmmax
a man sending a text asking if the woman ever feels like a loser and then asking if they like to be pissed on

3. This man who begged for kisses:

4. This man who was too obsessed with little details:

Twitter: @aquabuu

5. This man who cheated and actually tried to make it seem like their partner was the bad guy:

6. This man who was very, very bold:

a man sending an inappropriate text and the woman responding with a blank face gif

7. This man who was cheating on TWO people:

How you got 2 boyfriends and still cheating?? 😹

Twitter: @rrrubenciito

8. This man who had a weird way of flirting:

9. This man who would never ask for nudes:

10. This man who thought he had an advanced vocabulary:

11. This man who had absolutely no loyalty:

12. This man who made a painful joke:

13. This man who had determination:

Men from Tinder

14. This man who had serious control issues:

Y’all dating is hell. Stay safe out there

Twitter: @Ya_TRC_Ya

15. This man who forgot something very important:

Twitter: @BloodsareCrips

16. This man who I'm sure loved the Fast & Furious franchise:

Twitter: @bbyeileenn

17. This man who shared his trash hot take:

Twitter: @SheRatesDogs

18. This man who got a much-needed tip:

19. This man who was lacking some common sense:

20. This man who made it clear where he stood on having kids:

Twitter: @leanwdafanta

21. This man who used a terrible pickup line:

22. This man who was too blunt:

23. This man who was too honest:

24. This man who told another guy to watch his back:

25. This man whose bio didn't match his actions:

26. This man who was trying to dirty talk:

27. This man who made himself a little bit too at home at someone else's place:

Twitter: @RVineshank

28. This man who tried to shoot his shot with multiple people at once:

A man's group text to 30 people that says "girl you're so beautiful" and then him saying "wow, the messages ain't send separately, bye"

29. This man who spoke too soon:

30. This man who had a serious victim complex:

31. This man whose masculinity was more fragile than tissue paper:

32. This man who wanted feedback on his junk:

33. This man who was wondering why his feelings weren't reciprocated:

34. This man who wasn't interested in real-life women:

35. This man who didn't do his job and then asked out his customer:

36. This man who really couldn't take a joke:

37. This man who was trying to break up a couple:

38. This man who "accidentally" sent a message to the wrong person:

39. This man who aggressively stanned Elon Musk:

40. This man who made a group chat with his crush and her S.O.:

41. This man who didn't even try to take it slow:

Twitter: @shutupjenifer

42. And lastly, this man who thought he was slick: