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    16 Apartment And House Designs That Should Never, Ever, EVER Have Happened

    A toilet in the kitchen is certainly...a choice.

    1. This shower that's making me beyond curious about what the rest of the apartment looks like:

    2. This staircase that's a lawsuit waiting to happen:

    3. This bedroom that's giving me claustrophobia:

    4. This absolute eyesore:

    5. This private yet public bathroom:

    6. This house with an extremely inconvenient driveway:

    7. This toilet that's basically tucked away in a closet:

    8. These misplaced pillars:

    9. This poor kitchen layout:

    10. This see-through bathroom wall that's also conveniently located in the kitchen:

    11. This hazardous grouping of buttons:

    12. This deathtrap — um, I mean shower:

    13. These grates that are an open invitation for bugs and rodents to get inside the home😊:

    14. This house that is hopefully located somewhere it doesn't rain often:

    15. This post that's pierced through the house:

    16. And lastly, this ATROCIOUS staircase: