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    17 Pictures Of Infuriating Bosses Who Begged Their Employees For Stuff That Would Make Anyone Want To Quit

    I can't imagine someone having the gall to ask their employee to reschedule having their dog put down, but alas, here we are.

    1. First, this boss who put up a "motivational" poster that was just asking their employees to do more work and tend to their boss in every single way.

    A "Just Once I Wish My Employees Would Say" poster with boxes containing messages like "We decided to work this weekend to get ahead!" "I just love your meetings!" and "Given the chance to keep working here, I would gladly accept a cut in pay!"

    2. This boss who put up this ridiculously demanding job listing:

    Looking for an "adult female" who can lift 50 pounds, will be doing laundry, "cleaning kennels, picking up poop, you might get bit"; "no cellphone use, no breaks, no sick days"; hours are 7:30 "until we're done," and hours aren't negotiable

    3. This boss who was begging for a front desk clerk (but also kinda gatekeeping the job):

    Minimum 3 years of customer service experience, "part-time" but a max of "40 hours," must work weekends and holidays, can't call with questions, can't apply if you have ever been a guest or a relative has worked for the place before

    4. This boss who asked their employee to paint three murals FOR FREE:

    Worker asks if they can paint the huge murals as part of an extra shift and the manager thinks they're being unreasonable
    Worker says they're asking for minimum wage and the boss says they have to think about it

    5. This boss who didn't pay their employees for several months and then begged them to help with a new assignment:

    Boss owes $21K for one month and part of previous month and in the meantime asks employee to take on another protocol and get another employee to help out

    6. This boss who prefers that their assistant have an MBA but will only pay $12.50 an hour:

    An "OCD, total perfectionist and member of MENSA but people love me" real estate broker needs an "everything part-time person" to take care of the house, go shopping, water plants, answer emails, walk dogs, driver, etc; "MBA preferred"

    7. This boss who was trying to fill a position but had one outdated requirement:

    Person complains that none of the "talented" candidates sent a follow-up thank-you email but also admits that the company doesn't respond to applicants they aren't interested in

    8. This boss who wanted someone to keep doing the work of two people without getting a raise:

    Senior designer is commended for taking on a former marketing manager's duties until Q3 of next year, and although there's no money for staff salary increases or bonuses, "not every reward is financial"

    9. This boss who posted a job listing for a receptionist who would also be an office manager AND a social media manager, for $8.50 an hour:

    Hours for receptionist/customer care rep are 7:45am-6pm; job involves overseeing communication internally and with public, managing appts and animal records, screen and direct all calls, monitor voicemails, oversee volunteers and donations

    10. This boss who asked if their employee's probation officer could visit them at work instead of the employee taking the day off:

    Employee texts saying they can't work at the restaurant tomorrow 'cause probation officer doesn't say when they're going to show up and boss asks if they can just tell the PO that they're at work

    11. This boss who asked employees not to charge their phones at work because it was "stealing electricity":

    All-caps note on wall saying that no one can charge their electronic devices on the premises because it's "theft of electricity and you may find a deduction has been made from your pay"

    12. This boss who asked their employee to put down their dog on a day that didn't conflict with work:

    Worker putting their dog down Sat night says they can't work Sunday and are trying to find coverage; boss: "it's not going to be approved" if they can't find coverage and don't come in, and can they "do it on a night where you don't work the next day"

    13. This boss who fired someone and then asked them for help:

    Employee tells boss who fired them hours before their dad died of metastatic bone cancer and who showed no empathy when the dad went into hospice that they have no info about the accounts that the boss doesn't have and don't contact them again

    14. These bosses who pay their servers $3 and hour and asked customers to tip more:

    Fireside Grille says they pay their "girls" (servers and bartenders) $3 an hour when Tennessee minimum wage is $2 and 17 cents an hour, "they depend on tips for their pay," and scolds customers for being stingy

    15. This boss who asked an employee to push back their brother's birthday plans:

    Boss asks if worker can cover someone else's shift, then says they can let the worker go at 8:30 to celebrate brother's bday, and when worker says they have a 6:15 dinner appt, boss asks if they can push it back

    16. This boss who had the audacity to post this inappropriate and exclusionary job listing:

    "Wanted" ad on door: "Part-time bar staff" "must have double D breasts, a great smile, and a good attitude, but men can also apply!!!"

    17. And lastly, this boss who offered to pay people with sandwiches:

    Message says two employees quit and asks if anyone knows anyone who can volunteer until they can find new staff, and says they would be grateful and "even give you a sandwich"