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    26 People Who Made Such Bold (And Wrong) Predictions That They Should’ve Been Fired

    The number of negative reviews Jeopardy! got when it first aired is astounding.

    1. This Newsweek magazine cover that expected Hillary Clinton's election win:

    2. This list of "overhyped" trends, many of which are still "trends" today:

    3. This TV magazine that said THE Betty White would be a flop:

    4. This airline ad from the '70s that featured the Twin Towers:

    5. This New York Times prediction that was printed less than 10 days before the Wright brothers achieved flight:

    6. This...very weird cigarette ad:

    7. This magazine cover that named Elizabeth Holmes as a brilliant businesswoman before she was found out to be a huge criminal fraud.

    8. This article where someone wildly underestimated video games:

    9. This ad that had 2020 ALL wrong:

    10. This job posting by police looking for "hefty women" that stated they could never get married for the sake of the job:

    11. This article that thought the internet was just a little trend:

    12. This post that promoted eating more sugar to curb hunger:

    13. This headline that was 1,000% incorrect:

    14. These articles written by people who would be flabbergasted that Jeopardy! is still on today:

    15. This magazine cover about athletes to look up to featuring Mark McGwire who later revealed he used steroids in 1998:

    16. This review where someone stated they expected Kiss to have a short-lived career:

    17. This magazine that implied Dreamcast was the superior gaming console to PlayStation:

    18. This article that had high hopes for the financial future of 2020:

    19. This magazine that claimed Amazon was a silly idea:

    20. This magazine ad that supported lead being used in paint:

    21. This newspaper article that had some doubts about Walmart:

    22. This magazine spotlighting MySpace:

    23. This article that discounted touchscreens:

    24. This ad using doctors to promote something quite unhealthy:

    25. This ad that did not foresee Zoom becoming a necessity:

    26. And lastly, this ad that suggested people ingest TAPEWORMS to avoid gaining weight:

    H/T r/agedlikemilk

    Correction: This post originally featured a fake Coca-Cola ad (previously #1). It has since been removed.