18 Inappropriate Logo Designs I Can't Believe Businesses Actually Approved

    These graphic design teams have some explaining to do.

    1. This logo that made reading "bunch of grapes" much harder than it had to be:

    "Brunch of grapes" written in staggered letters

    2. This business center's logo that looks like someone sitting on the toilet:

    A logo that looks like someone sitting on a toilet

    3. This logo that actually says "Sid's" but you wouldn't think that at first glance:

    A logo that looks like "STD'S"

    4. This creepy logo for a plastic surgeon:

    A logo with an eye, a knife, and lips

    5. This logo for a childcare center that looks like it says XXX:

    A daycare center logo with that looks like "XXX"

    6. This logo for a Turkish water brand that doesn't look like someone is...drinking water:

    A logo that appears as if someone is receiving oral sex

    7. This logo with haunting animation:

    A logo of donkeys

    8. This logo for the Beltway Plaza Mall that no one would understand:

    An illegible logo for Beltway Plaza Mall

    9. This logo for a singing tavern that looks like people being killed:

    A logo that appears to have people hanging from musical notes

    10. This anti-drug logo that looks like it's pro-drugs:

    "Meth. We're on it."

    11. This logo for a weed dispensary that looks like poop smoking poop:

    "their logo looks like a shit smoking a shit"

    12. This very detailed logo on knockoff sneakers:

    A knock-off Air Jordan shoe

    13. This logo that's supposed to be a straw in a cup:

    A logo that appears to be a penis

    14. This logo for coconut water that's actually the chemical equation for dicarbon monoxide:

    "C2O" on a bottle

    15. This logo for Win River Plumbing...sorry, I meant Twin Rivers Plumbing:

    A plumbing logo with two trees on the side of a van

    16. This logo that looks like a dog-human hybrid:

    A logo that appears to have a dog/human hybrid

    17. This logo that looks like a trip to Paris 😉:

    A logo that appears to be three people having a threesome

    18. And this logo for kids toys that looks like a swear word:

    "ass toys"