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    29 Ways You Know You're From Oregon

    Sunshine? What is that?

    1. The first day of spring, you put on a bikini and lay in your yard even though it's 55 degrees. / Via tumblr

    2. Coffee is a suitable beverage for breakfast, lunch and dinner—fair trade of course. / Via tumblr

    3. You prefer earth tones. Except for tie-dye. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE TIE-DYE. / Via tumblr

    4. Shoes? Oh, you mean Birkenstocks. You have them in every color. / Via tumblr

    5. Face paint. Stilts. Hemp jewelry. Loincloths. You wait all year to take your clothes off and pretend you are fairies with your friends at The Oregon Country Fair. / Via tumblr

    6. Weed, it’s what’s for dinner. / Via tumblr

    7. You travel hours for a VooDoo doughnut, but when you arrive you can’t decide between the bacon maple bar or the Diablos Rex. / Via tumblr

    8. You’re feel conflicted because you love local entrepreneur Phil Knight, but you hate sweatshops. / Via tumblr

    9. You have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). / Via tumblr

    10. Your skin is so fair it glistens in sunlight. / Via WordPress

    11. You knew before everyone else that 'The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening’s Springfield was based on Springfield, Oregon. / Via tumblr

    12. When you travel out of state you don’t understand why movie tickets are more than five dollars. / Via tumblr

    13. You're vegan. / Via tumblr

    14. You have your acupuncturist, naturopathic doctor and herbalist on speed dial. / Via tumblr

    15. You only drink organic microbrews, and are likely home brewing a selection of summer ales in your basement. Twelfth time’s the charm. / Via tumblr

    16. You drank your water from a Nalgene bottle, until you found out it contained polycarbonate. Now you have a Kleen Kanteen.

    17. Football is more than a sport; it’s a religious experience.

    18. You're conservative. / Via tumblr

    19. JK YOU'RE SUPER LIBERAL / Via tumblr

    20. You fantasize about going to college at Berkeley, preferably in the 1960's. / Via tumblr

    21. You hug trees. No really, you hug trees. / Via WordPress

    22. You drank your liquids from mason jars before the hipsters caught on. / Via tumblr

    23. No recycling bin? No problem. You’ll hold onto your cardboard salad container until you get home. / Via tumblr

    24. You watch 'Portlandia' not because it’s funny, but because it’s scarily accurate. / Via tumblr

    25. Your other car is a bike. Actually, both of your cars are bikes. / Via tumblr

    26. Your apartment is furnished by Etsy. Conveniently, you sell your hand-knitted hats on Etsy. Not so conveniently, bartering is not an option. / Via Etsy

    27. You probably have dreadlocks. And you’re probably white. / Via WordPress

    28. Every month is “No Shave November,” unless shaving is in reference to a peace sign carved into your chest hair. / Via tumblr

    29. And no matter how much rain, grey skies or pairs of Ugg boots you ruin in muddy puddles, you will always love the beaver state. / Via WordPress