Amnesty International Has A Message For Putin

The Olympic Torch has officially arrived in Russia, but for some reason the flame keeps going out

Not once / Via

Not twice / Via

But even as many as three times!

What’s worse than the torch going out? Putin has been trying to extinguish human rights in Russia since 1999.

Putin has been cracking down against freedoms of expression, assembly and association for nearly 15 years. Amnesty has released an interactive timeline with 150 emblematic instances of human rights abuses so you can learn about specific cases. Via

Don’t blow out the flame, Vladimir.

We’ve tried to ask you nicely.

But you have not been listening.

Via Reuters

We know you hear us, Vladimir. / Via Alexey Druzhinin/AFP / Getty Images

This winter, the world is watching. / Via AP/RIA-Novosti

Just this week, you put a prisoner of conscience in forcible psychiatric treatment.

Now, a global network of activists are standing up for individuals at risk of human rights violations in your country.

Enjoy the Winter Olympics, Vladimir. Remember to keep the torch lit.—oly.html Via

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