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21 Amazing Facts About Your Fav Indian Candies That Won't Give You Diabetes

The idea to make PULSE candy came to its creators while they were playing Candy Crush.

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1. Cadbury once owned the colour purple — the shade, Pantone 2685c, to be exact. But Nestlé took them to court, lost a four-year battle, but then appealed and won, so now anyone can use the colour.

2. While Phantom Cigarettes may have been (sorta?) discontinued in India, candy cigarettes are completely BANNED in 14 countries because they might desensitise kids to smoking.

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3. The idea of making PULSE Candy came to the creators while they were playing Candy Crush.

4. Chiclets, which were invented 100 years ago, derive their name from the Mexican word "chicle" which was what chewing gum was originally made up of.

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5. Sometime back, Masaba Gupta had released a lipstick flavour after the popular Mango Bite.


6. Kismi, which most of us think is an elaichi-flavoured candy, also has kulfi, rosemilk, and rajbhog flavours!

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7. Melody had once accused Chlormint of taking its iconic tagline "Melody itni chocolaty kyun hai?" and modifying it to "Hum Chlormint kyun khaate hai?" to increase sales.

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8. Poppins was modelled after jelly beans. The creators decided to make colourful hard candy instead of jelly beans as making the latter used to take one to three weeks.

9. Orange hard candies are known to be a part of Pongal festivities. Even cows are offered these on the occassion. / Via Pinterest

10. It was a widely held belief that if you drink soda after having Magic Pop, you'll explode and die. Turns out, you'll just end up passing gas. A LOT.

11. Apparently, Cadbury is planning to rename Nutties as Tumbles, and change its packaging colour to the signature purple. But it'll still retain the box package.

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12. Remember the panda toys that came with Cadbury Gems? 26 such pandas were issued originally, followed by 16 colour changing ones.

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13. Rana Pratap Sengar, the guy who has been playing Ramesh in the iconic Ramesh-Suresh 5-Star ads for 11 YEARS, was initially rejected during auditions. But he returned the next day, wearing sunglasses, posing as the rejected guy's brother, and landed the gig.

14. Almost 2.6 crore Hajmola tablets are consumed in India daily.

15. Munch was released by Nestle as a ₹5 price warrior to tilt the choco-wafer market in favour of Nestle, following the stalemate between Kitkat and Perk. Munch ended up eating into Kitkat's market share and forced Perk to launch Perk Glucose.

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16. While Center Shock was initially a big hit, it could not sustain because no one liked the taste of a candy meant to bank on prank value.

17. Alpenliebe literally hit a goldmine by launching Alpenliebe Gold, as Indians who are besotted with anything "gold" helped drive up sales.

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18. Remember the "Khooni Kaun Hai?" contest by Mentos that dragged for months? It turns out the killer wasn't any of the suspects, but a mosquito vaporizer.

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19. Polo is actually an abbreviation of "polar", referencing the cool, fresh taste of the mint.

20. The "Boom Boom Boomer Man" in Boomer commercials, introduced in 1995, became so popular among kids that it had its own mini-series on TV, and a spot on the children's monthly Tinkle.

21. Ever wondered why Cadbury Eclairs was renamed as Choclairs? That's because it was made to give up its trademark on the name "Eclairs" by a Gujarat court at ITC's behest which produces Candyman Choco Eclairs.