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    Posted on 13 Dec 2017

    90s Ads That Would Get A Lotta Shit Had They Been Released Today

    The great Indian offended spirit to the rescue.

    1. "Hawww, teaching young, impressionable kids how to blow!"

    2. "No one cares if this is a fictional portrayal — it is still a dishonorable misrepresentation of a historically significant woman."

    3. "Sexualization of something as pure as milk? Is Amul the new Slice?"

    4. "Scantily clad women bathing under waterfalls? Not in India."

    5. "Dafaq do you mean Japanese technology? What happened to 'Make in India'?"

    6. "This coke ad is begging children to talk to sexual predators online. Shut it down!"

    7. "Sooo incestuous ya. What is this Cersei-Jaime shit? Indian kids should not see this."

    Also, chocolate is bad for teeth.

    8. "Nirma, congrats for managing to offend all women named Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma. You too are cancelled."

    9. "Dhara oil is all about making money off childhood obesity. Save the kids, government!"

    10. "WTF, like literally? I don't care if man and wife, and consent...PDA is not tolerated in India!"

    11. "₹ 10 crore for the head of the ad executive who thought that putting images of women on matchboxes would be a good idea."

    12. "I guess evading police authorities and causing public disorder is fashionable to Cadbury. Tch tch."

    13. "Water pollution and endangering aquatic life? Slow claps for you FeviKwik. YOU'RE BANNED."

    14. "Why is Nerolac exposing these kids to chemical paints? AND THAT MAN JUST. GOT. PLAYFUL. WITH. THOSE. KIDS. Don't you know better than to teach kids to interact with strangers?"

    15. "The execs over at Onida are clearly Devil-worshippers. Anti-nationals, the whole lot of them."

    16. "Such regressive roles do not befit today's women! What the hell, Surf?"

    17. "What is 'made for each other'? Why is she wasting food? Why are they laughing over it? Ambiguity is scientifically proven to give people anxiety."

    Please substitute with Mukesh ads.

    18. "Great job promoting racial stereotypes, Suzuki. 10-year-old kids can make better jokes."

    19. "Uh, NO. NO. A hundred fucking thousand times NO."

    20. "I don't get it. Is this promoting live-in relationships? Sue it."

    21. "Bharat Bandh!!!"

    22. "Shit like this is why I keep the I&B Ministry on speed dial."

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