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    32 Incredible Pictures Of India From Over 100 Years Ago Vs. Now

    Although our culturally rich and diverse heritage has been preserved, even refurbished in some cases, some things never change.

    1. A man and his ox-cart, Kolkata, 1908 vs. tourists on an ox-cart ride, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel co./ Fine Art America

    2. Shops on a busy street, Delhi, 1908 vs. a busy Delhi street with shops, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel Co./ Amazing Indian Blog

    3. A Parsi headmaster with his students, Navi Mumbai, 1903 vs. a Parsi clergy school, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/ Dadar Athornan Institute

    4. A self-portrait as a Shiva bhakt, 1870 vs. a Shiva bhakt in Rishikesh, 2017.

    © Trustees, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, City Palace, Jaipur / Getty Images

    5. Bashny Ghat on the Yamuna, Delhi, 1858 vs. a typical ghat on the Yamuna, 2015. Discovery Channel

    6. Humayun's Tomb, Delhi, 1858 vs. Humayun's Tomb, 2017. https://tikulicious/

    7. Old Delhi, before the seige of 1857 vs. an aerial view of Delhi, 2017. Wikimedia Commons

    8. Jama Masjid, 1857 vs. Jama Masjid, 2016.

    9. Naldehra, Shimla, 1903 vs. Naldehra, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/ Wikimedia Commons

    10. St. James' Church, Delhi, 1858 vs. St. James' Church, 2017.

    11. A view of Chadni Chowk from the Bhagirath Palace, 1857-58 vs. the Bhagirath Palace, 2017.

    12. The Iron Pillar, 1905 vs. the Iron Pillar, 2017.

    13. Jantar Mantar, after the seige of 1857 vs. Jantar Mantar, 2017.

    14. State barrage of the Maharaja of Kashmir, Dal Lake, Srinagar, 1903 vs. the Dal Lake ghat, 2017.

    15. Connaught Place, early 1900s vs. Connaught Place, 2017.

    16. Indian soldiers during a gas mask drill, 1917 vs. Indian army using outdated weapons, 2017. Scroll

    17. Rock-hewn temple, Elephanta caves, 1903 vs. Elephanta caves, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/ Incredible India

    18. Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai, 1903 vs. Mahapalika Marg, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/ Vibha Ravi

    19. Inflating bullock-skin boats to cross the Sutlej river, 1903 vs. bridges across the Sutlej river, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/ Ashok Parimuu

    20. Holy men on the banks of Ganga river, 1908 vs. a holy man bathing in Ganga river, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel Co./ IBTimes UK

    21. Lush scenery surrounding the Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu, 1908 vs. scenery around the Dilwara Temple, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel Co./ https;//

    22. Schoolboys at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, 1903 vs. schoolkids at the Golden Temple, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/ The Planet D

    23. Bride and groom, Mumbai, 1908 vs. a Marathi wedding, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel Co./ Stylish groom/

    24. Taj Mahal from the banks of Yamuna river, 1903 vs. Taj Mahal from the banks of Yamuna river, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/

    25. A bear performing on the streets, Jaipur, 1908 vs. a performing bear, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel Co./ Advocacy For Animals

    26. Jama Masjid, Delhi, 1908 vs. Jama Masjid, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel Co./

    27. Kashi Vishwanath Temple pond, Varanasi, 1903 vs. Kashi Vishwanath Temple by the ghat, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/

    28. Akbar's Tomb at Sikandara, Agra, 1908 vs. Akbar's Tomb, 2017.

    ©Stereo-Travel Co./ Remote Traveller

    29. Crossing the Jhelum river, Kashmir, 1903 vs. crossing the Jhelum river, 2017.

    ©Underwood & Underwood/ Flickr

    30. Old court house street, Calcutta, 1915 vs. old court house street, Kolkata, 2017.

    31. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, 1905 vs. Hawa Mahal, 2017. Wikimedia Commons

    32. Chandni Chowk clock tower and town hall, Delhi, 1910 vs. Chandni Chowk, 2017.

    LIFE Magazine/ Indian Express

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