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32 Ways British Muslims Are Surviving Day One Of Ramadan

"The only month we have a date every night."

It's that time of the year…


Muslims believe this is the month the Qur'an, the Islamic holy book, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. It's a month of fasting and this year has just sprung upon us on this fine summer's day.

Beautiful emotional Quran recitation on the verses of the Quran relating to Ramadan. [Al-Baqarah 185-186]

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1. And a whole generation of Muslims are expressing how they're getting through it in the most millennial way possible: with memes.

2. It only hits you when the barrage of Ramadan memes from around the world fills up your timeline.



Oh, and I forgot about the MEMES! #Ramadan


Happy #Ramadan to all of my Muslim followers


7. And it's an excuse for someone to post this one every year.

8. It's a time when observant Muslims around the world do not eat or drink during daylight hours.

The last minute pre Ramadan rituals. You know what I'm talking about.

9. But then you discover some people are fasting on a different day from you.

10. It can be confusing. But, how hard can the sighting of the moon be?

11. It's a time for reflection for Muslims and spending time with family and friends.

12. And trying to become a better person.

13. This sometimes happens when you turn up to the mosque for Ramadan nightly prayers at 11pm on a Sunday night.

14. And the struggle is so real.


16. But for some, the spiritual buzz from it all is lit.

17. Then there's the juggling praying/eating/sleeping in the middle of the night thing.

18. And sometimes you end up drinking all the day's water you need in one go.

19. Every time.

When you oversleep for suhoor and realise there's only 2 minutes till fajr. #Ramadan

20. And every bit of blessing helps.

I thought I was out of time to drink all my water then I realized our clocks are 2 min fast😩ain't God good #Ramadan

21. But this is you when you're feeling smug about the time you actually prepared.

22. Then you rock up to work and people just want to feed you.



25. And then everything you hear is about food.

26. And you realise the last time the fast was so long it was before you were even born.

27. But then your friends remind you why you're doing it.



30. So you keep holding on until sunset.

31. And this is basically you after 19 hours of fasting in the UK.

This is basically me after Day 1 of Ramadan.

Ramadan kareem, everyone!