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    • airecs

      Ehh, I’ve been going to festivals for about6years and I’ve seen the fashion trends change from baggy jeans to gogo boots.Ithink you should just wear what you want;Imean it’samusic festival, who cares and just have fun. People are always gonna hate, it’s the yin yang world we live in. Sometimes whenIgo to festivalsIdon’t think highly of some outfit choices but who amIto tellaperson what to and what not to wear. We all spent money on the same show to see the same dj’s under the banner of our love for EDM. So ifafestival attendee wants to wear shorts andatank or glittery bras and daisy headbands,Isay accept them for who they are because if there wasa”standard uniform that is appropriate” for music festivals then why the fuck would we go to them. You paid money, wear whatever you feel like.

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